Hotel Casa Bárbara Holbox

Whale Shark

The largest fish in the world visits Holbox. Live the experience of swimming with the whale shark.

Season: The best season to swim with the whale shark in Holbox is between May and September. This species comes to the area to feed on Plankton and reproduce. These dates may vary depending on weather conditions.

Marine Bioluminescence Experience

Bioluminescence is the result of the action of microorganisms that contain a molecule called luciferin. They are proteins that are used to obtain light in bioluminescent organisms, which when reacting with oxygen: the luminous effect occurs

About us

Hotel Casa Bárbara Holbox

The hotel complex is located in the heart of Holbox, two blocks from the arrival port and 4 blocks from the beach. Surrounded by shops, restaurants and bars, it will immerse you in the relaxed island life. We want you to feel in that house that you always wanted to have near the sea. And not just any sea, but the beautiful sea of Holbox Island, in the state of Quintana Roo.