Hotel Casa Bárbara Holbox

Punta Cocos Beach

A quiet place to admire natural life.

To entertain, focus the mind and distract your gaze towards natural beauty, Playa Cocos is the place.

The sea serves as a stage for the multiplicity of birds, pink flamingos. And if you visit Holbox from March to November, you will be able to see at night how the water is painted with the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence.

About us

Hotel Casa Bárbara Holbox

The hotel complex is located in the heart of Holbox, two blocks from the arrival port and 4 blocks from the beach. Surrounded by shops, restaurants and bars, it will immerse you in the relaxed island life. We want you to feel in that house that you always wanted to have near the sea. And not just any sea, but the beautiful sea of Holbox Island, in the state of Quintana Roo.